Wedding Reception Guidelines

The Missouri Student Unions welcomes weddings and receptions within our facilities, but do to the nature and use of the facilities we limit reservation dates during non-peak times such as summer and winter breaks.

In order to confirm a reservation for wedding receptions, the contact must sign two copies of the Facilities Use Agreement and pay a 50% non-refundable deposit (equal to ½ of the total reservation cost at the time of signing the agreement). If the contact cancels the event, the deposit is forfeited. The remaining cost is due two (2) weeks prior to the event.

It is the responsibility of the contact to communicate arrangements, including reservation information, room setup, and policies to contractors (such as florist, photographer, DJ, etc.) associated with the event. Customers will be asked to complete appropriate Unions checklists which highlight the following: contact information, day-of phone numbers, vendors and explanation of details regarding decorations, including that on tables.

Guests may not enter the reserved facilities until the time stated by the Facilities Use Agreement. Storage of items must be arranged in advance and is subject to availability. A room storage fee will be assessed. The Unions is not responsible for items stored on its premises. For more information, see our policy on Room Storage.

All decorations, gifts, and guests must vacate the facility by the end of the time reserved by the contact or an overtime charge may be assessed. If additional time is needed beyond the reserved time, it may be purchased based on availability. This must be done at least two (2) weeks in advance.

A dance floor from the Unions is required if dancing will occur in any carpeted room or area. If the Unions does not have a dance floor available, the contact is responsible for the rental and setup of the dance floor from an outside vendor. The Unions Administration must pre-approve the use of an outside dance floor. For more information, see our policy on Dance Floors.

It is the responsibility of the contact to clean loose trash, decorations, centerpieces, floral material, etc. from the area after the event. The Unions reserves the right to assess fees for actual damage to the premises and/or additional charges if the area is not properly cleaned. Items left on the premises after an event may be discarded.


All weddings must use one of the Unions' preferred caterers including:

  • Bleu
  • Campus Dining Services
  • University Catering

Customers who wish to utilize a non-preferred caterer will be assessed a $100 catering fee. A temporary food permit is required.

Alcohol permits must be obtained by the customer no less than four (4) weeks in advance of the event. An alcohol permit must be obtained through the MU Business Services office at 573-882-7254. A copy of the alcohol permit must be submitted to the Unions. The Unions is not held responsible for alcohol service and the conditions that incur from alcohol consumption. For more information, see our policy on Alcohol.


Suspending material from the ceiling or light fixtures is prohibited as are decorations, displays or exhibits that require excessive flames or water. The use of tape, glue, thumbtacks, or adhesive on the walls, ceilings, frames, columns, or staging as attachment materials is not permitted unless special permission is granted from the Unions Administration. Pictures cannot be removed from the walls. No rice, birdseed, glitter, or confetti may be used in the ballrooms.


The use or possession of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited on all University property, except in the residences of the President and Chancellors and in designated facilities, and for single events or reoccurring similar events where the sale, use or possession of alcohol may be allowed by appropriate University approval, subject to all legal requirements.
The department or organization making a request to use alcoholic beverages on the MU campus must submit a University of Missouri Request to Use Alcoholic Beverages on University Property form to the MU Business Services Office no less than two weeks in advance of the event. A copy of the approved alcohol permit must be submitted to The Missouri Student Unions and a copy of the approved alcohol permit must be on display during the event. There must be a designated Responsible Person at the actual event. The Responsible Person needs to sign the form indicating they accept personal responsibility for ensuring that University policy and state laws governing use of alcoholic beverages are complied with, and accept financial responsibility for the activity.
The University does not have a license to sell alcohol except in certain venues. If alcohol is going to be sold, a licensed business/caterer must be engaged to do so at the event.

All alcohol beverages must remain in the designated reserved space. Guests are not allowed to take their items to other areas of the facilities and will be asked to return to their designated reserved space.