Alcohol, Catering, and Food


The use or possession of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited on all University property, except in the residences of the President and Chancellors and in designated facilities, and for single events or reoccurring similar events where the sale, use or possession of alcohol may be allowed by appropriate University approval, subject to all legal requirements.

The department or organization making a request to use alcoholic beverages on the MU campus must submit a University of Missouri Request to Use Alcoholic Beverages on University Property form to the MU Operations no less than two weeks in advance of the event. A copy of the approved alcohol permit must be submitted to The Missouri Student Unions and a copy of the approved alcohol permit must be on display during the event. There must be a designated Responsible Person at the actual event. The Responsible Person needs to sign the form indicating they accept personal responsibility for ensuring that University policy and state laws governing use of alcoholic beverages are complied with, and accept financial responsibility for the activity. 

The University does not have a license to sell alcohol except in certain venues. If alcohol is going to be sold, a licensed business/caterer must be engaged to do so at the event.

All alcohol beverages must remain in the designated reserved space. Guests are not allowed to take their items to other areas of the facilities and will be asked to return to their designated reserved space.

Catering and Food

The Missouri Student Unions welcomes events and activities that include food. The Unions has four preferred caterers that provide the quality service, variety and various pricing. Our preferred caterers are the following:

University Departments:

University departments who choose to have food at their events must use one of the Unions preferred caterers. However, if the event or department requests special accommodations, such as hosting a potluck, serving alcohol not supplied by a preferred caterer, use of another caterer or restaurant, the Unions will assess a catering fee of $50. Our agreements with the preferred caterers ensure that products, service and goods are of the utmost quality.

If a department wishes to bring in food from a restaurant, the Unions catering fee will be assessed. Please know that this includes food items that are brought in from various restaurants, bakeries, etc. such as pizza, donuts, bagels fruit trays, etc. Packaged food (such as bottled soda or packaged cookies/chips) is allowed and not assessed a fee.  Individual lunches (i.e. brown bags) are allowed and the sponsoring departments are not assessed a catering fee. 

Please note that failure to comply with this policy will result in additional catering fees after the event.   Departments who state a preferred caterer will be used, however, during the event do not utilize the caterer the customer will be assessed the $50 catering fee and reservation capabilities will be jeopardized.   

Those using preferred caterers are not required to submit an approved food permit.  If the department wishes to host a potluck, use another caterer or restaurant then an approved food permit is required.  Food permits are approved through Environmental Health and Safety.  An approved food permit must be submitted to the Unions prior to the event and be on display during the event.

Student Organizations:

Student organizations are requested to utilize the Unions preferred caterers, however, to support student organizations endeavors, the Unions will allow students to utilize other caterers, bring in pizza, host a potluck and allow other food accommodations.  Thus student organizations are exempt from paying the $50 catering fee when a non-preferred caterer or food option is chosen.  The Unions is flexible as registered students provide some support to the Unions through student fees.

All food that is brought into the Union requires an approved food permit except if the food is catered by an approved caterer or packaged. Food permits must be obtained by the customer no less than two weeks in advance of the event. A food permit must be obtained through Environmental Health and Safety. A copy of the food permit must be submitted to the Unions and on display in the location of the event. If a food permit is not obtained, food will not be allowed to be served.

A cleaning fee will be charged to groups that do not restore the room to its original condition after their event or if the food catered causes damage to the space. All food, trash, containers, plates, etc. must be placed in the designated trash receptacles or removed from the room. The Unions reserve the right to charge all customers for damage inflicted during their event. The sponsor of the event will be held responsible. The Unions does not assume responsibility for damage or loss of property or materials brought into the facilities.

If a group continually ignores warnings regarding room conditions a warning will be issued then subsequently cleaning fees will be added to future reservations made by the sponsoring organization.