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The Griggs Innovators Nexus partners with the Missouri Student Unions and U.S. Bank to provide retail space that Mizzou students use to operate their own businesses inside the MU Student Center. Awarded through a competitive process, each 300-square-foot space is rent- and utility-free for one year and comes as an blank canvas that the entrepreneurs custom design to attract customers and showcase their products.

The selected students, who are encouraged to find a mentor, receive hands-on experience, including developing and pitching a business plan, leading a team, designing a commercial space, marketing and logistics. U.S. Bank provides each business with $2,000 for start-up costs, a Square credit card reader and an iPad to manage sales.

At the end of the year, the entrepreneurs give a presentation that covers what they learned and accomplished along with recommendations for program improvements.

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The Student Unions Entrepreneurship competition gave my team and I the rare opportunity to test out our ideas in a safe environment and provided us with experience and confidence that we can bring to all our future pursuits.
Jack Schroder, Lost in the Sauce
The Missouri Student Unions entrepreneurial program was pivotal in my development as a student and as a business owner. It gave me the confidence to pursue ventures after graduation and allowed me to experience first-hand what it's like to operate a storefront, build a team, and work toward a common goal with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. I'll always look back on it fondly and be grateful for the people who made it possible.
Zach Beattie, Quirks
You learn a lot in the program. It’s great for professional and personal growth and I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything different. You should apply for this program if you feel you have what it takes to make a change and take on change. Because that’s exactly what the program calls for.
Teanna Bass, Sweet Tea Cosmetics

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