Unions Entrepreneurial Program



The Missouri Student Unions’ Entrepreneurial Program gives Mizzou students the opportunity to operate their own businesses inside of the MU Student Center.

Selected students get hands-on experience in every aspect of entrepreneurship — designing and pitching a business plan, building and leading a team, designing a space, marketing, logistics, etc.

The entrepreneurial program has two retail locations on the main floor of the Student Center. Each is approximately 300 square feet. The selected businesses receive them rent-free and utility-free for one year. More than that, they receive $2,000 from US Bank just to help them get started.

The spaces come as "white boxes," and the student entrepreneurs are responsible for designing and setting them up. They have help. They get access to technical help with a Square credit card reader and an iPad to help manage sales. Program directors do not provide business advice, but we encourage the students to have mentors who can help guide them.

At the end of the year, the entrepreneurs give a presentation describing what they learned and accomplished, and they make recommendations for improvements in the program.

The selection process starts in late fall when Unions staff start making presentations about the program to interested students.

  • By March 1, students submit their written business proposals using the application form on this website. A committee reviews the proposals and selects the finalists.
  • Around April 1, the finalists give a 20-minute presentation to the committee and answer questions for about 10 minutes. Then the committee chooses the businesses for the next year.
  • The student businesses sign a memorandum of understanding with Mizzou covering the terms of use of their spaces, and the space is turned over to them by July 1.


Business proposals for 2020 are due March 1st by 5 pm to Heath Immel, immelh@missouri.edu

CLICK HERE for more details or to apply today.

The Student Unions Entrepreneurship competition gave my team and I the rare opportunity to test out our ideas in a safe environment and provided us with experience and confidence that we can bring to all our future pursuits.
Jack Schroder, Lost in the Sauce
The Missouri Student Unions entrepreneurial program was pivotal in my development as a student and as a business owner. It gave me the confidence to pursue ventures after graduation and allowed me to experience first-hand what it's like to operate a storefront, build a team, and work toward a common goal with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. I'll always look back on it fondly and be grateful for the people who made it possible.
Zach Beattie, Quirks
You learn a lot in the program. It’s great for professional and personal growth and I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything different. You should apply for this program if you feel you have what it takes to make a change and take on change. Because that’s exactly what the program calls for.
Teanna Bass, Sweet Tea Cosmetics

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E-mail us at unions@missouri.edu if you are interested in getting involved or want more information.