About the Missouri Student Unions

Mission Statement:


As the center of the campus community, the Missouri Student Unions enhance the Mizzou student experience by creating an innovative, dynamic and inclusive learning environment through the quality facilities, programs and services that we support.

Values & Commitments:


Respect – The Missouri Student Unions strives to create a welcoming environment where all campus community members feel safe. We will work together to embrace diversity and foster a sense of responsibility to understand and celebrate differences.

Responsibility – The Missouri Student Unions is responsible to the State of Missouri and the students of the University of Missouri to serve as good stewards of financial, natural and physical resources.

Discovery – The Missouri Student Unions shall promote the expansion of learning by providing services and programs that support each individual’s self exploration and educational pursuits.

Excellence – The Missouri Student Unions’ aspires to become the premiere student center in the nation by systematically assessing our programs and services to meet the ever-changing needs of the campus community.

Shared Vision:


The Missouri Student Unions will continue to be a centerpiece and the campus living room for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests of the University of Missouri.

The Unions will be the center of campus student activities and will actively promote school spirit and pride.

We will compliment the University mission, values statement and academic program through intentionally designing, creating and providing environments which promote out-of-class learning experiences and through diverse programming efforts in partnership with others.

We will be sensitive to the needs and exceed the expectations of our diverse community by providing a welcoming environment and comfortable meeting places in which everyone feels safe and experiences excellent customer service.

We will maintain a working environment that is loyal to the organization and respects the diversity, knowledge and expertise of our co-workers.

We will be recognized as leaders in the field of unions and programs on the regional and national level.


Heath Immel

MU Student Unions Director, Heath Immel

Heath Immel has worn many hats in his 15 years at Mizzou. He moved with his family from Tucson, Ariz., to work at Mizzou as the business manager of fiscal operations for the University Bookstores. After a series of other positons, he is currently serving in a dual role as the director of the Missouri Student Unions, including Campus Reservations, and the director of Parking and Transportation Services.

Immel spent 14 years at Industrial Motor and Control in Tucson, where he worked as an accountant and in a leadership role. Heath received bachelor’s degrees in accounting and management information systems. He has completed a master’s in Higher Education Administration while at Mizzou.

Contact Heath:
Email: immelh@missouri.edu
Phone: (573) 882-4023
Address: G210A MU Student Center, Columbia, MO 65211