Dance Floor

All student groups, departments, and off-campus guests of the Unions are required to rent a dance floor from the Unions when dances are held in carpeted rooms or areas. Customers wanting to have a dance in a carpeted room must request the dance floor when making the reservations. Extra setup time of one hour is required for groups using a dance floor. When planning an event, please allow for the additional setup time and budget accordingly for the setup rates listed below:

  • The use of the dance floor is restricted to rooms on the north wing of Memorial Student Union.
  • The dance floor incurs a fee of $250. This includes setup and tear down of the floor.
  • The Unions retain the right to deny the use of the dance floor or limit the size based upon the availability of staff, equipment or intended use.
  • If the Unions does not have a dance floor available for an event, the sponsoring group is responsible for the renting and setup of a dance floor from an outside vendor. The Unions Administration must pre-approve the use of any outside dance floor.