Political Activities (Non-Student Government)

The University of Missouri encourages political awareness among members of the campus community by recognizing the educational and civic merits of participation. Furthermore, the University is committed as an institution to strict neutrality regarding candidates and political events, to providing equality of treatment in so far as possible, and to preserving the right to privacy enjoyed by each of our students. In support of these principles, the Unions established the following policies regarding political activities in addition to following regular facilities rules and guidelines. In this policy, the word "candidate" refers to one who has filed with the appropriate governmental agency. No advertising for candidates or ballot initiatives are allowed in the Unions buildings.

Recognized student groups of the University wishing to sponsor candidates or discussions of political issues appearing on ballots may reserve spaces for political activities in the MU Student Center, Kuhlman Court areas, and the Memorial Student Union by contacting the Event Management office at 884-8793. The following guidelines will apply:

  • All tables and outdoor space is booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Only recognized student organizations, campus departments, or approved off-campus vendors may reserve table or outdoor space.
  • A detailed description of the event/activity must be provided prior to the event date.
  • An individual may not reserve a table or outdoor space. Only those tables that are scheduled and provided by the Unions will be permitted.
  • No signage or activity by any member of the organization shall extend beyond the table provided. Stopping people walking by, yelling, or calling attention to the table, or other harassing behavior towards the regular customers of the area is not permitted. Any loud boisterous activity that is disruptive is also not permitted. Organizations may not rearrange locations of tables assigned to them.
  • Organizations may not utilize any other area except that which they have reserved.
  • Campaign paraphernalia is prohibited within the Missouri Student Unions.

Organizations that engage in such activities will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Such behavior may result in the cancellation of current or subsequent bookings as well as the forfeiture of vendor fees for off-campus users.

Political Rallies

Groups that wish to reserve meeting room space in the Unions are required to coordinate the event with the following campus departments: Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM) – ASUM@missouri.eduUniversity Relations – 573-882-2726 and University Affairs – 573-882-4523

Voter Registration

Groups that wish to conduct voter registration activities in the spaces scheduled by the Unions are required to coordinate the event with the Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM) – ASUM@missouri.eduUniversity Relations – 573-882-2726, in order to ensure that the registration process complies with Missouri Statutes and the Office of the County Clerk.