The Missouri Student Unions is supported through student fees to support the facilities, programming and services to the entire MU student population. Thus policies and parameters regarding building use are developed to create a productive and positive learning environment for MU students. We can and do limit activities, guests and use of space to reflect the needs of all MU Students.

University student organizations, individuals or departments may not serve as "fronts" for off-campus groups in order to gain unauthorized use of meeting space or information tables for the off-campus user. Meetings and events reserved by University student organizations or departments must fall under the following guidelines:

  • The event/meeting must be conceptualized, planned, and managed by the University student organization or department and must truly be an organization or department initiative.
  • Any costs associated with the event/meeting must be paid by the student organization either by providing a University account number or from the checking account belonging to the student organization.
  • If The Unions suspects and/or believes that a reservation is fronting, reservation capabilities for that sponsoring organization will be revoked.

To be good stewards of our resources, The Unions promotes and supports the initiatives and programs of the University, departments and student organizations, not individuals or businesses. The Unions will make the determination as to on-campus vs. off-campus sponsorship by considering the nature of the event, past experience with respect to similar events, type, and the nature of attendees.