The use or possession of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited on all University property, except in the residences of the President and Chancellors and in designated facilities, and for single events or reoccurring similar events where the sale, use or possession of alcohol may be allowed by appropriate University approval, subject to all legal requirements.
The department or organization making a request to use alcoholic beverages on the MU campus must submit a University of Missouri Request to Use Alcoholic Beverages on University Property form to the MU Business Services Office no less than two weeks in advance of the event. A copy of the approved alcohol permit must be submitted to The Missouri Student Unions and a copy of the approved alcohol permit must be on display during the event. There must be a designated Responsible Person at the actual event. The Responsible Person needs to sign the form indicating they accept personal responsibility for ensuring that University policy and state laws governing use of alcoholic beverages are complied with, and accept financial responsibility for the activity. 
The University does not have a license to sell alcohol except in certain venues. If alcohol is going to be sold, a licensed business must be engaged to do so at the event.