The Shack

The Shack is a multi-purpose dining/programming space with a stage, two large screen projection televisions and a sound system located at the MU Student Center next to Mort's. Reservations will be limited to times when events will not interfere with heavy food service (lunch during the academic year and other special events). Groups reserving the Shack are required to coordinate their events by emailing

All amplified sound in the room must be kept at acceptable levels (please refer to the Unions Amplification Equipment Policy). Anyone in excess of these levels will be asked to bring their activity into acceptable sounds levels. If the problem continues, a group may be asked to leave the premises. The Shack is a loud space, sound travels freely between The Shack and Mort’s Grill. Events requiring audible discretion are not encouraged.

The Shack television programming is pre-planned and scheduled. If you would like to host a viewing party please coordinate ahead of time. All groups wanting food at their events are required to work with the Mort’s staff prior to contracting with any other food provider. Campus departments must utilize a preferred caterer if Mort's is not selected. A catering fee will be assessed if the department chooses to utilize a non-preferred caterer. Please refer to our policies on food to follow proper guidelines. 

Users wishing to host events with complex audio-visual needs (i.e. lighting, sound-mixing, etc) are encouraged to contract with the MSA/GPC Tech Crew for assistance.