Undesirable Conduct

Any person who engages in misconduct in the Missouri Student Unions may be requested to leave the premises. In the event that any person(s) engaged in misconduct refuses to leave the premises MUPD will be called to assist.

Misconduct shall be defined as behavior which in any way defaces or damages the premises, or harassing of customers and guests or obstructs or interferes with the intended use of the premises. Guests are asked to be courteous to fellow guests and staff while patronizing Unions facilities. Abusive language and behavior will not be tolerated and guests will be asked to leave the premises. Federal and state law, city ordinances and University policies apply.

Guests are also asked to wear a shirt while being in the Unions facilities

Sound Amplification/Excessive Volume

In public areas inside the Unions, the use of loud speakers, playback devices, microphones, bullhorns or other noise-making devices that interfere with other activities in the building are prohibited, unless approved by Unions Administration. Inside meeting rooms, amplified sounds need to be kept at an acceptable level. The Unions reserves the right to ask any group to bring their activity within acceptable sound levels.