A.P. Green Chapel

The A.P. Green Chapel is kept available for wedding ceremonies, initiation ceremonies and other similar events. It is nondenominational and open to all campus users for personal prayer and meditation when the Chapel is not being reserved for private affairs. The chapel is reservable after 5 pm, Monday-Friday for all types of events. The Chapel may only be reserved in a nonconsecutive fashion. A rental fee is charged to any group using the Chapel for non-university sponsored functions (i.e.--weddings, memorial services, various religious services, etc.).

Included in the rental fee, when applicable, is a dressing room on the day of the event, the use of the Chapel’s organ and a one-hour rehearsal the day before the event during regular building hours. Any portion of the event that is before or after building hours will result in the regular overtime charges in addition to the rental fee.

Please note that the A. P. Green Chapel is closed on designated University Holidays.


  • Items including rice, glitter, confetti, or flower petals may not be used inside the Chapel.
  • Birdseed can be used outside the Chapel.
  • Delivery of event items including equipment is the responsibility of the event organizers. A designated individual from the event must be present to receive equipment deliveries.
  • The use of tape, glue, thumbtacks or adhesive on the walls, ceilings, pews, frames, columns, candles or staging for attaching any materials is not permitted without special permission from the Unions Administration.
  • Due to safety reasons, the use of open flames, including candles, is not permitted in the A.P. Green Chapel. Battery powered candles are permissible.
  • The Unions reserves the right to deny the use of the Chapel for any event it deems inappropriate
  • The Unions reserves the right to assess fees for cleaning the Chapel to return it to a condition adequate for continued use by other groups.
  • If an event poses any facility concerns, the reservation request will not be accepted.