Information Tables

The Unions is committed to providing this valuable service and an educational, safe, and welcoming atmosphere to MU students and off campus guests. To ensure this type of environment, the following guidelines have been established for table usage at the MU Student Center and Memorial Student Union.

Tables may be reserved for informational displays, fundraising activities, and off-campus vending (service-based only). The following document will outline the guidelines for each of these activities.

  • All tables and outdoor spaces are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis availability. However, each table is assigned a specific number as it relates to table location. Please refer to your reservation confirmation regarding table location.
  • Only recognized student organizations, campus departments, or approved off-campus vendors may reserve tables or outdoor spaces.
  • An individual from the organization, academic department or approved off-campus vendor must be present at all times at the information table.
  • All organizations, departments and vendors should check-in with the respective building information desk at the beginning of their reservation time.
  • An individual may not reserve tables or outdoor spaces for their own use. Only those tables that are scheduled and provided by the Unions will be permitted.
  • No signage or activity by any member of the organization shall extend beyond the table provided. Organizations are to remain within an arm's length distance from the information table. Stopping people walking by, yelling, or calling attention to the table, or other harassing behavior towards the regular customers of the area is not permitted. Any loud, boisterous activity that is disruptive is also not permitted. Organizations may not rearrange locations of tables assigned to them.
  • Organizations may not utilize any other area except that which they have reserved.
  • If a group doesn’t have permission/reservation at a table they will be asked to move.

Organizations that engage in such activities will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Such behavior may result in the cancellation of current or subsequent bookings as well as the forfeiture of vendor fees for off-campus users.

If food items are to be utilized, a food permit must be obtained through the Health and Safety Sanitarian of the University of Missouri. They can be reached at 573-882-7018.

On-Campus Users

  • Users must leave the tag that is attached to the table. When asked, users must be able to show this tag as proof that the table being used is in fact reserved for the appropriate organization.
  • A total of one information table per day, regardless of location, for up to three days per week may be reserved by a recognized student organization or a University department. Special permission may be granted for the use of additional tables or extended periods of time by Unions Administration.
  • Informational tables may be reserved for up to six months in advance
  • An individual from the organization, academic department or approved off-campus vendor must be present at all times at the information table.
  • The Unions information tables may be used at no cost to recognized student organizations and University departments. A cleaning and/or damage fee may be assessed to return the area to a condition adequate for continued use by other groups.
  • Cancellation of a table made less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled day of use will incur a $30 cancellation fee.
  • If the recognized student organization will be conducting a fundraising activity at the table, the organization must follow the Fundraising Policy.

Off-Campus Users

The off-campus vendor must fill out the University approved Facilities Use Agreement, and fulfill all requirements contained therein in its entirety. Vendors will be asked to complete a Vendor Informational document when reserving information tables. This information is to provide clarity regarding the services, products, giveaways and promotions the company will be highlighting during their information table reservation. Off-campus vendors may not promote entertainment venues. The Unions reserves the right to deny tables for off-campus vendors who promote activities, events and spaces in competition with the Unions mission and building tenants. All reservations are tentative until approved.

The Facilities Use Agreement and all other appropriate forms must be completed and returned with full payment not less than two weeks prior to the scheduled reservation date to the Office of Campus Reservations & Events in the Memorial Student Union. The reservation will be considered null and void if no contract or payment or an incomplete contract is received after this deadline.

Each table has a cost per day, per table location, associated with its use.

Reservations may not be made less than two weeks and no more than one year prior to the actual event in order to allow processing. To waive this guideline, special permission must be obtained from the Unions Administration. Vendors are not guaranteed the same spot for vending every day.

Weather Issues

The Unions will not be held accountable for weather conditions on tables or areas that are exposed to the elements. If weather does not accommodate an outside table or area, the Unions will attempt to find indoor accommodations when the reservation is located at the MU Student Center.  Unfortunately, because of space limitation, outdoor information tables at Memorial Union will not be accommodated and another date should be scheduled. However, the Unions does not guarantee alternative indoor accommodations. See our policy on "rain sites".

Right of Refusal

The Unions reserves the right to deny access to any group promoting products or services which are in direct competition with current interests within the Union facilities. The Unions also retains the right to deny access to any group based upon the needs and/or best interests of the University of Missouri.

Injury, Lost, Stolen or Damaged Items

The Unions and the University of Missouri shall not be held responsible nor will assume responsibility for injury to individual person(s) or items lost, stolen or damaged at the information tables or in, to or from our storage facilities.

Overtime Use

Please note that the Missouri Student Unions building hours change to reflect campus usage. Request to use facilities outside of established business hours must be made 2 weeks prior to event date.  If the event is under 100 attendance, customer will be asked to use the MU Student Center, those requests over 100 people can utilize Memorial Union.  Reservations requests are tentative till confirmation of staff is obtained.   The Unions reserves the right to charge overtime fees for usage of Union facilities when customer is requesting space outside of established business hours or if the event continues past customer's reserved time. Overtime fees will be applied on a per hour per room bases. Please contact the Office of Campus Reservations & Events to confirm these rates.