All students who are holding any type of fundraising event in the Memorial Student Union or MU Student Center must follow this procedure:

  • Make the reservation(s) first. Please indicate during the request that this event will be for fundraising purposes. This enables organizers to ensure that the space and date(s) they desire is available. This reservation will be tentative pending approval from The Organizational Resource Group.
  • Go to to fill out the appropriate fundraising paperwork.
  • All approved fundraising paperwork should be submitted at least one week prior to the event to the Office of Campus Reservations & Events. At this time we will change your reservation to “confirmed.”
  • Retain a copy of the approval form for group records and leave another copy of that form with the Office of Campus Reservations & Events.
  • This procedure will need to be followed for each set of fundraising events.
  • The Unions reserves the right to deny access to any group promoting products or services that are in direct competition with current interests within the Union buildings. The Unions also retains the right to deny access to a group based upon the needs and/or best interests of the University of Missouri.