Bengal Lair

The Bengal Lair is a multi-purpose dining/programming space with a permanent stage, backdrop and sound system located on the first floor-north wing of the Memorial Student Union. Reservations will be limited to times when events will not interfere with heavy food service (lunch during the academic year and other special events). Groups reserving the Bengal Lair are responsible for returning table and chairs to original set-up at the completion of their event. Events hosted by student organizations in the Bengal Lair must be open and accessible to the entire MU campus community.

All amplified sound in the room must be kept at acceptable levels (please refer to the Unions Sound Amplification Policy). Anyone in excess of these levels will be asked to bring their activity into acceptable sounds levels. If the problem continues, a group may be asked to leave the premises.

The Bengal Lair has built-in audio/visual controls. If your event requires the use of the projection screen, audio controls, microphones, etc, please work with our reservations staff so appropriate accommodations can be made.