Loading Docks

The Memorial Student Union has an open-air, single bay loading dock and is located in the Northeast corner of the building with access off of University Avenue through the Visitor Parking Lot.

The MU Student Center loading dock is located in the northeast corner of the building along Hitt Street. This loading dock consists of multiple bays with specific purposes. Dock B provides accessibility to recycling and trash removal as well as outside parking for service vehicles during specified times of the day. No parking is allowed, except for service vehicles during specified times of the day. Dock C provides loading access to general facility use, food services, and larger vehicle accessibility.

If your event is held within the Missouri Student Unions and use of loading dock is needed,please inform the Office of Campus Reservations & Events prior to using. We will inform all respective departments to ensure proper accessibility. 

During regular business hours, Student Center loading dock doors are accessible based upon the needs of the building operations during the fall and winter semesters and times vary for semester breaks and summer semester. During regular business hours the dock doors do not require a pass code. After hours requires a pass code to use the loading dock. Security cameras are on the loading dock and record all activities. These cameras are also connected to MUPD. Therefore the loading dock should be considered an unsecure place for valuables left unattended.

Loading Dock Delivery Information

When parking or making a delivery at the loading dock where you will not be near your vehicle for more than fifteen minutes requires you to sign in at the log book located on the loading dock near room 1510(SC). Maximum time at the dock is 30 minutes unless pre-approved by building management. Vehicles left unattended at the loading dock or in front of the loading dock beyond 30 minutes will be ticketed or towed at operators or departments expense. Use of the dock for longer than the time requires approval and coordination through the Building Management office located in the Student Center, room 1510 on the loading dock or call (573) 882-9795.

Student Center door openers are located next to each loading dock door.

Any damage caused to the loading docks, elevators or buildings must be reported to the Building Management office located in the Student Center, room 1510 on the loading dock or call (573)882-9795.

All users of the loading docks must leave the area clean and free of dust and debris. All empty pallets must be removed. Disposal of empty pallets is the responsibility of the person or firm delivering the palletize material. Failure to remove pallets from the loading docks will result in disposal fee. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Uses of the compactors are for building tenants and approved users only. No packing materials from vendors are allowed in the compactors.

Combustible materials and liquids are not allowed in the buildings without prior authorization by building management. All combustible materials must be clearly marked with appropriate labels.

Vendors and building users are NOT to use the fifteen minute parking spots along Hitt Street. Vendor vehicles parked in the fifteen minute parking spots and left unattended may be ticketed or towed at owner’s expense.

Information & Policies for Building Occupants and University Departments

No vehicles, including golf carts and motorcycles, are allowed along the north sidewalk of the Student Center. This is a mandatory fire lane and must remain accessible for a fire truck at all times. Vehicles left unattended will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense.

The loading docks area must be clear of trash and debris. All trash, recycled materials, or cardboard must be deposited in the appropriate containers. Leaving trash on the loading docks will not be tolerated. Cleaning fees will be charged to the responsible department.

No carts are allowed to remain on the loading dock unless in use. The Unions have provided four carts that are available to the building occupants. Please return the building carts back to the loading dock when finished.

Recycling: Recycling room 1509 in the Student Center on the loading dock provides a clean environment for all facility recycling. A similar area is located at the Union. Please keep these areas clean to prevent insect infestation in the facility.