Advertising Opportunities

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Student Organizations and University Departments may submit advertisements within the Memorial Student Union and MU Student Center based on the below instructions. If files are not submitted as directed we cannot guarantee that your advertisement will be run.

Unions advertising opportunities are strictly limited to on-campus customers only. Off-campus advertising opportunities are not allowed.

Any unauthorized advertising will be discarded without notice.

Table Tents

Table tent space can be reserved for the Bengal Lair and Brady Student Commons in order to advertise for a variety of events. Size and length of display are restricted. Any non-approved table tents will be removed and discarded at the discretion of the Unions. Additional details, dimensions and instructions for creating table tents can be found here

Bulletin Boards

4 lockable bulletin boards are operated by the Unions for event posting. Up to 3 signs for designated posting areas in the Unions may be taken to the Information Desks for approval and posting.

  • Only signs advertising upcoming events held on campus will be approved.
  • Events must be sponsored by recognized student organizations or university departments
  • Event sponsor name and contact information must be posted on the flier
  • Signs must be appropriate for display in a public environment and no larger than 11"x17".

Once approved, the sign will be hung by a member of the Unions staff. Signs may be hung for a period of two weeks, and will be taken down following the day of the event. If the display board is full, your sign will be hung as soon as space permits.

Any postings in unauthorized areas will be removed and discarded. One public posting bulletin board is located with the Memorial Student Union and does not require approval.  This bulletin board is cleared often.

Additional Opportunities