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Auditoriums and Meeting Rooms

General Guidelines

If proposed events pose any facility concerns, the reservation request will not be accepted. Taping, pinning or hanging from the walls, ceiling, framing, columns or staging is prohibited. Customers are allowed to utilize the designated tackable walls for posters and presentations. The Missouri Student Unions reserves the right to charge for cleaning or damage to return the area to its preset condition.

Bengal Lair & Brady Student Commons

The Bengal Lair (Memorial Union) and Brady Student Commons (MU Student Center) are multi-purpose dining and programming spaces. The Bengal Lair possesses a permanent stage, backdrop and sound system. Events appropriate for Bengal Lair include: performances, watch parties or similar activities. Private meetings and events are not allowed in Bengal Lair without permission from the Unions Administration and are strongly discouraged based on the openness and accessibility of the space to the MU campus. Reservations will be limited to times when events will not interfere with heavy food service (lunch during the academic year and other special events). Groups reserving areas within Bengal Lair and Brady Student Commons are responsible for returning tables and chairs to original setup at the completion of their event. If this is not accomplished, groups will be charged a reset fee and will face the possibility of their reservation rights being revoked. All amplified sound in these locations must be kept at acceptable levels (please refer to our policy on undesirable conduct). Events that exceed these levels will be asked to bring their activity into acceptable sounds levels. If the problem continues, a group may be asked to leave the premises.

Events hosted by student organizations in Bengal Lair and the Brady Student Commons must be open and accessible to the entire MU campus community.

Mark Twain Ballroom

Mark Twain Ballroom is a large ballroom appropriate for dances, receptions and large guest lectures. It offers a tile floor so no dance floor is needed. Mark Twain includes an anteroom suitable for buffet or food areas. As a courtesy, the Unions will not assess the $75 large room/ballroom if a student organization or department would like this space empty. However, campus departments will be charged the $10 room charge. Note: Mark Twain is the only room this exception will be allowed.

Alumni/Faculty Lounge

The Alumni/Faculty Lounge is an intimate meeting space that includes an area suitable for setups and an area with preset soft seating. The type of event request must be consistent with the nature of the room. The Alumni/Faculty Lounge can be set for approximately 50 people.

Public Lounges

Public lounges are primarily used as soft-seating spaces for student study and campus community interaction. Special permission is required by Unions Administration to reserve or host an event in public lounges. Permanent furniture will not be moved. Additional tables and chairs are limited to what is available on-site. A room reset fee will be assessed.

Access to the exits, restrooms, meeting spaces and major walkways must be maintained through the duration of hosted event.

Public Lounges include:

Memorial Student UnionMU Student Center
  • Tower Lounge
  • Hawthorne Lounge
  • Jack Matthews Lobby
  • Leadership Lounge
  • Traditions Lounge
  • Tigers Den
  • Lower Lair Lounge

ShowMe Room

Located inside the Shack at the MU Student Center, the ShowMe Room is a semi-private room adjacent to the Shack dining area. The ShowMe room may be reserved for group lunches in the Shack from 11a.m. – 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. Meetings and other events are not allowed in this room.

Stotler Lounge

Stotler Lounge is a multi-purpose space that can be used as one large room or three separate rooms to host an event(s). This large meeting room is appropriate for parties of 200 for special one-time events. A piano is available for use at no charge to Stotler patrons. However, the piano cannot be moved outside of Stotler Lounge. Customers are responsible for responsibility to tune if they should choose to use it. A dance floor is required for all dances/parties, which includes an additional fee. Because Stotler Lounge is a high-demand location, the Unions reserves the right to suggest other alternative Unions locations in order to maximize the use of this area for the benefit of the MU campus.

Wrench Auditorium and Leadership Auditorium

Jesse Wrench Auditorium is a 222 fixed seat space with integrated audio-visual controls and capabilities. The Leadership Auditorium is a 124 fixed seat space with integrated audio-visual controls and capabilities.

Auditorium Restrictions

  • No food or drink is allowed inside the auditoriums. However, special request to serve food in the auditorium are considered.  A $35 auditorium catering fee will be assessed. 
  • Groups who wish to use any audio/visual equipment must select needed equipment when making the reservation prior to the event.
  • No amplified equipment/musical instruments may be used through the sound system.
  • All amplified sound in the room must be kept at acceptable levels (please refer to our policy on undesirable conduct). Anyone in excess of these levels will be asked to bring their activity into acceptable sounds levels. If the problem continues, a group may be asked to leave the premises.
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